Monday, May 08, 2006

Melih Gokcek's ego

Football is full of big egos, just look at Arsenal coach Wenger, take another look at Şaban Hakan Sukur, or for someone closer to home just have a chat to Sir Eski Kanka Jim. But what the bloody hell does Ankara Mayor Melih Gokcek really think he is.

According to a report on the Anadolu news agency on Saturday, Gokcek is going to cut short a trip to the far east in order to attend Ankaraspor's last match of the season.

"I'm going back to Ankara to motivate the team", said the bastard who closed down our pub.

His Highness is in Seoul at the moment and has apparently decided not to bother with his trip to China where he was going to try and drum up business for the capital.

I have nothing against Ahmet Turgut's brother-in-law's team but with motivation from none other than Ankara's biggest wanker, Mr. Gokcek, my money and my prayers, are on Ankaraspor to be relegated.


  1. Anonymous8:14 am

    Oz Kanka,....You know , how I feel
    about this isue!.....I agree with you on that matter,,,,,but, answer thsi question for me please!....I wrote some thinks about your team president MR.Cavcav to you !...How come you din't give me your opinion...come on!... I think, Although he is on other side of politics....he is not well guy!... and he wants to be
    Those days should be over in Turkey....That is one of the many problems that Turkish Soccer has .... A lot of people that I know in Turkish Soccer owners, columnist with shirts, tv sideline reporters, commentators, and I could go on and on!....these people ruining the Turkish Soccer in Turkey...

    Keep up the good writing, I enjoy it!.....
    Soccer Regards,
    Ahmet Turgut

  2. Dear Ahmet,
    On the whole Cavcav thing I'm staying on the sidelines. I'll continue to write about the bloodletting at the club but I'm playing my cards close to my chest. I do think you have some valid points and I think if you take a look at some of the posts you will see that I'm not a slave to Mr. Cavcav.

    It may be a first, but I'm wimping out on this one.