Tuesday, May 02, 2006

As if we really needed to know the details

As promised, Tuesday morning and with German precision (unlike the Ankaragucu strikers) Lanky Kanka Jorg gives us his report on Saturday's match which us plebs weren't allowed to attend. On to Lanky Kanka:

The game was from the sport aspect, very disappointing, especially from Ankaragücü!

There was no spirit, no fight, no willing to win this game.

During the whole game the team of Malatya - which also offered a very poor performance - tried at least everything to win this game and they had four 100 percent chances, but they were not able to make it, one thanks to a great save from Ankaragücüs goalie.

But they deserved to win the game much more than 1-0. This game was a perfect reflection of the actual standing in the league, bottom-bottom...

The only funny for the - 30 spectators each for Malatya and Ankaragücü - was when the horrible rain started in the middle of the second half. At least something to watch and smile. From the 55th minute it was a very irregular game, there was no possibility to control the ball, both sides hammered the ball near the penalty area of their opponents, but no one could manage to score.

Malatya is able to survive in the league now on their own. This weekend's relegation game against Gaziantepspor (Ed: on Sunday at home, details to follow soon) and Ankaragücü is now in the middle of a disaster. I hope they come back and fight again, otherwise ...

On Saturday I'll watch for the first time this season an Ankaraspor game, hope they will win against Trabzon, which will help struggling Gencler...

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  1. Thanks for your report Lanky Kanka even if it was depressing reading for us Ankaragucu fanatiks ! I was really surprised to hear that Ankaragucu didn't go out there and play like tigers which we normally do at home. Perhaps they missed the influence of us Gecikondu hooligans and our bad-mouthed songs ??!!

    Let's hope that Hikmet Bey has read the riot act and primed them for Sunday's crucial match. I hope you will be able to join us and see the `real` Ankaragucu !!!

    Meeting in The Chopin Bar on Sakarya Cadd between 1.30 - 2pm.

    All the best from a still upbeat Eski Kanka Jim