Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Stacking 101

More post-election stuff I'm afraid with Attila Aytek announcing he is going to go to court to try and have the results of Genclerbirligi's election annulled because Cavcav signed up so many people in the last week.

According to Aytek, the result would have been 427 to 377, in his favour, if Cavcav hadn't stacked the membership. The actual result was 1,124 to 427.

I have no idea if Aytek has a case.

I doubt there is anything in the club's rules that stop new members from voting, but if there is he has a good case.

Perhaps he might try and prove that the new members were bought? That might be hard to do in court, even if it was pretty clear that it happened.

Whatever he tries it won't be easy.

My solution, as pointed out in my last post would be that Aytek and his mates start stacking themselves and get ready for the next congress or somehow try to get their numbers up and force an extraordinary general congress. Surely the people behind Aytek own companies, get all the employees signed up, offer them one-off pay bonuses to join and than another bonus if their man wins. It's not that difficult.

Cavcav has always talked about Genclerbirligi being a gentleman's team and Aytek and others have taken this to heart (remember they worked together for years and years). But when it came to a real challenge Cavcav started playing hardball (as our American cousins like to call it). Aytek's only response should be to do what the English did in the Ashes series of 1932-1933, aim for the head.

In other news, Trabzonspor have said they are looking to get Graeme Souness to manage the team next season. Looks like they have really lost the plot up on the Black Sea.

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