Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Greetings Kankas and just a few words on the subject in addition to those posted by Oz Kanka in his Gencler V Rize report.

As I have said before many times ...... this is Turkey and we can't possibly change the footie culture which has thousands (perhaps millions) of Istanbul teams supporters in the capital city ANKARA. However, that doesn't make we Ankaragucu and Gencler supporters feel any better when we see Ankara going wild when CimBom wins the league.

I'm not saying to CimBom supporters ....don't celebrate. What I am saying is......... please do it in your own city !!! Oz Kanka and I have been in this city long enough to understand the cutural thing, but that doesn't make it any easier for us !!

For example, when Glasgow Celtic won the league, the supporters who lived in Edinburgh would go through to Glasgow to join in with the celebrations and it would be unthinkable to celebrate in Edinburgh city centre. A wee bit dangerous too !!!

Before I close, let me just tell you about a snip-it I read in the Hurriyet yesterday. A group of Ankaragucu supporters attacked CimBom fans in Kizilay on Sunday night which required Police intervention. Of course, I am not in favour of those violent incidents, but at least I can understand the frustrations felt by the Ankaragucu fanatiks !!!

One last thought........... congratulations to CimBom for doing the seemingly impossible and snatching the league title at the end.

All the best from ANKARA Eski Kanka Jim


  1. I guess those Ankaragucu supporters who you read about were the same supporters who we met both before the match and later on.

    Hurriyet says it was the Ankaragucu supporters who started the fight. Maybe, but I haven't believed anything in the sports pages of Hurriyet for a damn long time.

  2. On this, if nothing else I agree with you, support your home town team. Ankaraistanbulwannabees should be drenched with warm english beer and then made to suck their clothes dry!!!!! Having said that I am really tired of the violence, fighting and general idiot behaviour that some fans seem to think is needed, that is so 1980's. How to stop though?

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