Tuesday, May 30, 2006

World Cup warm-up

One of the great things about writing about Ankara football in general is that we have no competition.

We get facts wrong, we blow trivialities into world war proportions and pretend not to have been looking when the referee fails to see a blatent foul committed by one of our players. With no one else in the world watching we get away with it.

Unfortunately that won't quite be the case for the World Cup. At the same time though, lack of any knowledge hasn't stopped us before and it certainly won't in the future.

Obviously we won't be doing daily reports on all the matches, perhaps some insights, comments on stupid refereeing decisions and I'm toying with the idea of creating a "dive of the tournament award".

All this is a long-winded way to introduce a feature we'll be running during the World Cup - a poll on something or other World Cup-related. I'll let the poll run for a little bit and then do some sort of post wrapping it up with the results.

The first poll is of course dear to my heart. Please leave any comments for this poll under this post.


  1. Best Brazilian Diver (Nobhead excluded

  2. At the risk of upsetting Oz Kanka, I have to own up and admit that I voted for Croatia to come 2nd in the Group !!

    However, at least Miss Zagreb Kankie will be pleased ??!!

    Look forward to more polls and predictions. Bring on the World Cup yessssssss.

    All the best from Honest Eski Kanka Jim

  3. Gulay mentions Nobhead in relation to the best dive of the tournament award. Well, if he was in the Brazillian team I think we could already hand the award over.

    I also see that Sir Eski Kanka is voting with his heart, not his head.

  4. Sexiest supporters (Sir Eski Excluded)

  5. Ahh yes "Sexiest Supporters Award". I'll do it! Perhaps that can be the next poll question.

  6. Hmmmmm really miffed !!! Well, at least Miss Zagreb Kankie might vote for me after she has seen the photo of my sexy knees !!!

    All the best from Sensitive Eski Kanka Jim

  7. Anonymous3:09 pm

    Average number of Japanese supporters wearing other teams' jerseys and taking pictures instead of cheering after the teams score...per game!

  8. Interesting idea Angara but I'm not sure how I'd calculate it.

  9. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Hmmm, i have to come up with a more feasible one!

  10. Anonymous4:39 pm

    How about 'the blondest Japanese or Korean player'?

  11. Perhaps, "most silly suggestion for an award"ç. Angara's winning that one so far.

  12. Anonymous4:46 pm

    I wish there was a world cup for that hehe...

  13. Anonymous8:27 pm

    My dear Eski Kanka I will always vote for you. :-)
    I also told to my American friend, now living in Germany that he needs to vote for Croatia and his friends too. :-)
    They did obviously, since Croatia is leading at the moment. :-)

    Hugs and kisses to all of you there!
    Yours Zagreb Kanka

  14. Zagreb Kanka has obviously learnt from all those Turks who voted for Ataturk in the Time magazine "Man of the century" poll a few years ago.

    At one stage Ataturk was winning in catagories such as "statesman of the century", "scientist of the century", "philosopher of the century" and "musician of the century". I had no idea the man was so multi-talented.

  15. How about finding the number of Jocks wearing kilts attending world cup footie matches who are there hoping and praying for a miracle that Scotland qualified after all ????

    Or, even better......... the number of Jocks wearing kilts with orange/ginger coloured hair ???

    All the best from `soon to be kilt wearing` Eski Kanka Jim

  16. Anonymous12:51 am

    I have no idea who Ataturk is and I don't have time to search over the net now,.., :-) I will do that tomorrow. But,., my dear Oz :-) you are mixing some Turk Ataturk and Croatians playing football. :-) You just can not bare it that we are better than you, don't ya-? Hehehehe :-P But we are. And because of that my friends are voting for Croatia, even though they are not Croats. :-)
    My dear Oz, when we will beat ya- I will laugh so much and I will be so happy, just because I will be able to go and post on your blog,..., hehehehe :-p WE WON!

    Like ya- a lot! Your Croatian friend

  17. It's neck and neck for the "most silly suggestion for an award" award.

  18. Mmmmmmm I just can't believe that there are people out there who profess to be footie fanatiks who are voting for Australia !!

    As every INTELLIGENT person knows, Croatia is going to suprise a few people this year and reach the World Cup Final yessssssssss !!

    All the best from knowledgeable and sensible Eski Kanka Jim

  19. Anonymous1:41 pm

    My dear and sweet Eski, that was my point too,.., who is voting for Australia? :-o

    Greetings from Zagreb Kanka

  20. Who just voted for Japan? (Tuesday afternoon)

  21. More importantly, has Zagreb Kanka got all of her friends to check the blog out because Croatia has raced into the lead?

  22. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Yes. I told my friends in the States, in Jordan, in Germany, a lot of them in Croatia (nobody of them speaks English though, but I explained them what is the deal in Croatian, that some Australian guy wants to beat us :-)),my friends in Hungary, in Turkey,...I will contact Norwai and some other countries. I told my friend in Italy that he needs to vote as well, but he said that he is in a run and that he will vote tomorrow since he was going off his work and he was late already,...
    I think that my friend from South Africa voted as well as you can see that in your smart computer where the people are from.

    I put an effort in this. LOL :-)
    I have really good friends around the world and if we will loose on your scale than something is definately wrong. :-)

    Croatian competitor :-)

  23. Anonymous11:39 pm

    And that was my point as well? Who vote for Japan, even my friends from Japan will vote for Croatia. :-S

    Confused Zagreb Kankie

  24. I rest my case !!!

    Everyone in the world loves Croatia and Croatians, except......... yes, you've guessed it.... AUSSIES !!!

    All the best from he who loves Croatians (especially Croatian Girls) Eski Kanka Jim

  25. Anonymous2:30 pm

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