Thursday, June 08, 2006


Greetings Kankas. With all this talk about World Cup Footie let us not take our eye of the bread and butter of League Footie !

The stop press news from here is.......................

ANKARAGUCU sign a Croatian player !

His name is Posavec Srebrenko. He is 26 years old and from what I can gather he has played for the national team in the past. However, I'm sure Miss Zagreb Kankie will be able to give us more information about our new super star in Ankara.

All the best from `Hot Off the Press` Eski Kanka Jim


  1. I also notice that Ankaragucu have sacked their coach Hikmet Karaman today.

  2. By the way Sir Eski, that truely was hot off the presses. It only popped onto the Milliyet website 20 minutes ago, a good couple of hours after you posted it here.

  3. I'm a `wannabee` journalist !!!

    Do you think there is any hope for me ????

    Concerning Hikmet Bey, sorry to hear this news and I will be very interested to hear the reason in due course.

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  4. Anonymous6:37 pm

    First of all big hi to my Croat! :-)

    Pozdrav mom Hrvatu prije svega, nadam se da čitaš ovaj blog i da ćeš se već uključiti u razgovor i ponekad ostaviti neki komentar. Pozdrav iz tvoje domovine. Pusa :-)

    Well, I know that Srebrenko :-) played in a football club in Varaždin, which name is Varteks.

    By the way, Srebrenko means silver guy in English. :-) So probably his Mom thought that one day he will be rich and full of silver, I guess. :-)Srebrenko is very unusual name here, you can not find many people by that name. He is definately special. :-)

    My dear Eski, I wanted to leave a comment yesterday but I couldn't :-( I was so sad, somethig was wrong with your software or Oz installed special protection against :-)Croatian girls :-) LOL LOL

    Greetings from cloudy Zagreb

  5. Thanks for the information Miss Zagreb Kankie. We are also searching for more information and will pass it on when we have it.

    The Kankas were at the German Embassy tonight watching the 1st World Cup match (no comments about the result !). However, the main story of the night is that I was attacked !!!

    Yes, perhaps 50, or it could have been a few, Kankas attacked me and made me wear an Aussie top and then they took my photo.

    It was very embassrassing as you can imagine because I didn't have any Croatian friends to assist me or come to my aid.

    Anyway, the reason I am mentioning this is that if you see any photos of me on the Blog wearing an Aussie top it is for this reason, and......... there is an Aussie standing behind me with a gun telling me !!!!

    All the best from Bullied Eski Kanka Jim

  6. Anonymous3:03 pm

    I wish I was there with you my dear Eski Kanka :-) I will give you Croatian shirt :-)

    Greetings from cloudy Zagreb

  7. If only you were Miss Zagreb .... if only !!!

    Unfortunately I will not be here on 22 June to see Oz Kanka's face when Croatia take the Aussies apart piece by piece !!!

    However, you can be sure that I will make him come to see Croatia in the quarters/semis and the Final when we win it yesssssss.

    All the best from Confident Eski Kanka Jim

  8. Anonymous4:00 am

    long live croatia from australia

  9. Anonymous9:37 am

    :-) :-) My friend from Australia is cheering for Croatia, OF COURSE!

    Oz,.., :-p :-p :-p He will cheer for Croatia :-p while we will have a game against you. :-)

    Greetings to you there in Turkey and to my friend in Australia :-)

    P.S. During the nigth (since there is day), my friend from Australia sent me sms message on my cell phone,.., something like,.., that is you on a picture. I think he was really surprised to found me on Turkish football site. LOL LOL