Monday, June 26, 2006

The wheels fall off

I'm devastated. Totally and utterley devastated. The Italians were down to 10 men for most of the second half and still we couldn't score.

Italy played a typical Italian game, everyone behind the ball and they did well in keeping us out. I would have liked the Aussies to have a few more shots at goal from just outside the box.

I actually thought the referee had a good game(for most of the match), and the Italians weren't diving around all that much, but then came the very last seconds of the match.

An Australian defender spreadeagles himself... an Italian player, who has already played the ball through, decides that he can't jump 20 centimetres, dives wonderfully and so Italy have the penalty.

I have no idea who took the subsequent penalty kick, but it propelled Italy into the next round.

My heart sank. Australia were out. What a cruel way to go down. As I said before... I'm devasated.

While I'm proud of what our boys produced during this tournament I'm still deeply depressed.

Italy were there for the taking... but we didn't take them. Should Hiddink have brought a few more players on earlier? I don't think so. We were definately looking good just before the penalty and I reckon we would have got them in extra time.

In the end it was not to be. So Australia is gone, but only thanks to a dodgy penalty. Please, I try to keep this blog as family friendly as I can, but let me have just one indulgence.

Oz Kanka: "Referee, you were fucking shit" --- copyright Harry Kewell.


  1. Anonymous10:13 pm

    My dear Oz, I am so sorry!
    I know how you are feeling right now, since I felt that also when my Croatian team went down.

    Look at the bright side! Croatia was supporting Australia all the way. Marko Viduka gave an interview like few minutes ago for our TV. He is very famous here. We are proud to be Croats, sometimes TOO TOO MUCH! :-) And we are proud of every Croatian that played in your team!

    Once again, I am sorry!

    Your friend from Zagreb,
    Zagreb Kankie

  2. Anonymous10:14 pm

    My point was,.., Croatia is sad as well!

  3. Thank you for your sympathy Zagreb Kanka. At the moment I feel absolutely terrible, but your thoughts do help.

  4. Go Ghana! or maybe it's Brasil.

    Anyway, we don't like the cheatin' Eyetalians nor the baby blue you touched me so I'll writhe in agony boys of Argentina nor the staid machine that's called Germany. Obviously we have to go for either Ukes or the Swiss in one match, but who to go for when the Germs take on the Argies? Hmmm, interesting one that.

    Viva Espana

    Anyone at all out ther wishing for geriatric winers of France to advance?

  5. I'm devastated too..... but not as much as Oz Kanka.

    I remember the feeling when the Norwegians f*****d Scotland's chances and you know how the Ingallish like it when they qualify and we don't !!!

    Who to support next ??? Hmmmm, that's too difficult at the moment, but shall we spare a thought for Ingallind ???!!!

    I'm not going to answer that question yet. Perhaps if Oz Kanka joins me in the Club tomorrow night we can discuss it in more detail ??!!

    All the best from sad and sympathetic Eski Kanka Jim

  6. Terrible way to go out to another dodgy ref decision especially when it was in the 5th minute of three minutes of stoppage time!!!! Finally I will have to support England although on evidence to date that wont last much beyond Saturday.......