Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Poll: Who hasn't impressed so far?

It is pretty obvious that not to many Greeks accidently find their way to the blog as is clear from the results of this week's poll.

If there was one team you would like to add to the World Cup which one would it be?

Turkey 7 votes
Greece 0 votes
Scotland 7 votes
Papua New Guinea 2 votes

Considering we had 273 unique people (as opposed to hits) for the last week checking out the blog the poll is not the most checked out item, or perhaps it was just a stupid question.

But on to the expert analysis and the only reason I can think for Scotland doing so well is that Sir Eski Kanka went to a different internet cafe each day to distort the result.

I voted for PNG and am perplexed as to who else did.

Onto this week's question.

Considering that the World Cup has been pretty good so far there have also been some fairly inept displays by some of the favourites, even if they got the results they wanted, and so...

Of the top teams in the World Cup, which one has most failed to impress?

1 comment:

  1. Honest Jim by name and Honest Jim by nature !!! I can honestly assure everyone that I only voted for Scotland once ! Honissssssss trusssssst me !!!

    All the best from dependable Eski Kanka Jim