Tuesday, June 20, 2006

England and France have failed to impress

With every team having played two games I guess it is time to wrap up the poll and launch a new one.

The question was:

Of the top teams in the World Cup, which one has most failed to impress?

And the results:

England 5
France 5
Brazil 0

I'm slightly surprised no one voted for Brazil with every commentator saying they are playing well below par, especially fatty Ronaldo, but I guess all that means is that England and France have been playing even worse.

Considering that England have won both their matches and are through to the next round it really is embarrassing that they equal a team which could well be gone in a couple of days time.

Enough of that stuff and onto this week's poll (inspired by Zagreb Kanka)

Where would you most prefer to watch a football match?

In a smoky pub unable to decipher the commentary
At home with a fridge full of beer nearby
In a hot tub


  1. When not a neutral, I'm quite sure a cozy hot tub would not be the place to be. Need to be where some action is...oh, a hot tub probably could foot that bill. But I digress, loud noise, good beer (probably even barely quaffable beer) and plenty of people is my vote for a place to watch a game that matters. Most pubs fit that criteria.

    Zagreb Kankie, we don't think everything in Europe is small, just smaller. ;-) Actually, as Oz Kanka will attest, I don't quite fit the stereotypical American. I only need one chair on which to sit, I have a passport, I know some things about the world around me,...actually, that is like many of us. But there are many big things in the US: cars, roads, meals, bellies just to name a few. To answer you're question I hail from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I have not seen any spas of the type you refer to in Croatia in the US. Most things like that are Sports Centers but don't have the late night/early morning activities.

    Soon off to see whether or not Ingerland are to face Germany or Ecuador in the next round.

    Hazel eyed Prijatelj Pametoguzac Kanka

  2. Anonymous11:58 pm

    Yes my dear Smart :-) Ass Kanka, you are right in there! You are definitely not like “normal” Americans. :-) You know what Croatia is, and when someone mentioned you the name Croatia, you didn’t think it is a meal. You know that we have roads and Government, cars and planes here. :-) LOL And you know where is it and you can easily find her on a map. :-) And you have a passport :-) and you actually left your city, your State and the Country and saw that people outside of the US are living too on this planet. :-) Big surprise! My friends there don't know what is happening outside of the US and sometimes not even inside of the US.
    You know that we are not part of the Russia and that we are actually far away from Russia. That speaking several languages is not that big deal and that you need to speak many languages if you want that people around the world understand you. Also, that women can look like me somewhere on this planet. :-)

    Every time when I went in the US and traveled and met someone new, I always needed to explain the same stuff! :-)

    I have been in New York, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Wyoming, South Dakota (I saw dead presidents :-)), Nebraska, Utah, Nevada and California in your country. I have never been in your State, but maybe some day, I will.

    Everything in the US is so HUGE AND SPREAD, FAR AWAY! Nobody can not understand that if it didn't experiance that there.

    Oz, I voted for a hot tub ;-) and I do love you on a pure platonic way! I think you are amazing!!

    My dear Eski, :-) I look forward to see those photos. :-)


    Kisses from your green eyed blondie from Zagreb

  3. I think you may have noticed that the poll question did not have an option like watching the World cup in a hot tub with Zagreb Kanka.

    With such an option not available of course I went for the smoky pub.

    And Smart Arse Yankee Kanka is right, he is not a typical Yank.

    In fact if it wasn't for his annoying accent and the fact he is 100 percent sure that everything he says he is right, I might have mistaken him for an Englishman (but then again he doesn't complain very much so perhaps I'm wrong).

    Yours from a brown-eyed Oz Kanka

  4. I voted for at home with the fridge full of beer because I don't like smoke and if you were to jump out of a hot tub and run around when someone scores a goal you're liable to slip on something and fracture your skull.

    Re the last poll, Brazil sure failed to impress (so far) relative to the expectations people had of it, but they can probably still beat every team in the World Cup. And they beat Australia, so I would have just looked like an idiot :)