Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Australia on top in Group F

So a brave and plucky Croatia went down to Brazil tonight which leaves Australia at the top of Group F on goal difference!

I have to admit that Croatia looked pretty good. I thought the second-half display in particular was excellent and with just a bit of luck they could have snatched the draw.

One positive to be taken from the match was that Ronaldo was definately looking unfit and the Brazillians in general seemed to tire badly. The one big negative is that they seem to be able to score from anywhere. They also seem to be quite good at diving.

I'd say that in spite of the scoreline Croatia seemed the better team, which augors well for Australia's match against Brazil on Sunday.

Realistically though, I thought both teams would have outclassed Australia. Let's just see what Guus Hiddink pulls out of his sleeve.


  1. Anonymous1:41 am

    Hi :-(

    My dear Oz, I just came home from a main square Trg Bana Josipa Jelačića, here in Zagreb, where I watched the game with my friends.

    I am so sad right now! :-(
    Really sad that we lost. :-(
    Even though I think, we played good.

    Greetings from your sad Zagreb Kankie :-(

  2. A sober report......finally. I was of course supporting Croatia as Tomas from Galatasaray is in the squad. Seems like Nobhead has been giving some coaching lessons...

  3. A defeat it was but MIGHTY CROATIA are not out of it yet. Maybe they were overawed by the name..... Brazil !!!

    However, I'm sure MIGHTY CROATIA will have 6 points on the 22 June !!!!

    All the best from Optimistic Eski Kanka Jim

  4. Anonymous8:29 pm

    :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

    I hope that Oz will not be mad at me for writing in capital letters. :-)

    Stjepan Tomas is really good, he is from Zagreb. Like month ago he made a HUGE commercial of Galatasaray. Huge! Croatian TV came and visited him in Istanbul and made a story how he lives there and his life in Turkey. He took our TV to your clubs there, what he eats there and where, he showed us all Istanbul and everyone in football team, Galatasaray. He gave us insight in his life there and all. It surprised me how famous is he there. For instance if he walks here on a street, it is not possible that everyone will welcome him and want his signature or just to squeeze his hand. Ok, maybe one or two,.., but there, everyone around him was crazy about him, wanted to be close with him. I think he is a star there. That was pretty interesting to see!

    Greetings from Zagreb Kankie

  5. I'm with Zagreb Kanka, Tomas is my kind of guy, having a beer just two days before the crucial match against Brazil.

  6. Anonymous11:22 am

    First time in history of blog Oz Kanka agreed with me :-S :-S :-S At least in something ;-)
    Is that possible?? :-)
    No way. :-)

    Today is huge Catholic holiday here and nobody's working. So thank God, I will have relaxing day today since I am not working! Yuppi :-)

    And you there in Turkey need to work :-P :-P He he he :-P

    Greetings from sunny and warm (finally) Zagreb

  7. All I'm hoping is that Tomas convinces his other mates in the Croatian team to have a few beers before the Australian match. Has "Tomas seen drinking before the Brazil match" story been big in the Croatian press?

    By the way, now that you saw the Tomas commercial for Istanbul, are you tempted to visit?

  8. Anonymous4:17 pm

    It was. They said he was relaxing having a beer. :-)

    It came up in all newspapers. Večernji list is the biggest in Croatia.

    But they still played really good. And they will not drink for the game against Australia. Your hopes are too high. :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p

    I will see when I will have time so I can visit Turkey. I would love to come even on a 2 days if it is possible. Maybe I will manage to put together some long weekend or something like that. :-)

    Hugs from Zagreb Kankie

  9. Anonymous4:30 pm

    I know that when you will open the page where Stjepan drinking beer, you will not understand. But,.., :-) My Croatians here as well are putting comments on everything, especially about football (not me though, I am putting my comments on Turkish blog LOL LOL LOL).

    Croatians stood next to the "poor guy" and said what the rest of the world think that Stjepan should drink? Orangina maybe? :-) LOL LOL LOL And why they attacked Stjepan for having a beer? :-) :-)

  10. Just checked out Zagreb Kanka's link and have finally seen a photo of Tomas' pre-match preparations. Of course I couldn't understand a word and so instead checked out the photogallery on the bottom right of the page.

    Lets just say that you won't find people dressed like that at an average Genclerbirligi match

  11. Anonymous8:25 pm

    What is like to be on average Genclerbirligi match? :-)

  12. Well, the girls don't show as much flesh.

  13. Anonymous1:38 am

    :-) Well we are in Europe! :-)

    So if I will come there during the hot summer, I will need to be covered? Ha?
    Can I wear short little dress and tied open shirt for instance?

    Well, I guess, when I will come to Turkey, I will be in a spot light since I don't look like Turkish at all. I am white, blond, green eyes, full in shape (going on fitness, gym and swimming all the time). I read that Turkish women are the fatest women on this continent.
    And if I will show up dressed like I am dressing myself usually,..,some Turkish there will get heart attack when they will see me! I can end up in jail :-o for disturbing the peace. That would not be good at all. And there is no way, that somebody can tell me to walk covered around the city during the hot summer! Not me! I can not even imagine that. :-)

    Good night Ankara from Zagreb!
    Your Zagreb Kankie

  14. Don't worry Miss Zagreb Kankie, I can assure you that you will be protected by Oz Kanka and I during your proposed visit.

    Also, we will be delighted if you wore a micro mini skirt ...... wouldn't we Oz ????!!!

    All the best from The Protector Eski Kanka Jim

  15. and if you want to exercise I've got just the place...

    And it's not what the boyz (Oz and Eski) are proabably thinkin'. You can stay fit on your travels (and travails) at the place I workout: swimming, tennis, squash, weights, aerobics, etc.

  16. Who invited Smart Arse Yankee Kanka into this discussion?

  17. Anonymous4:42 pm

    My dear Eski thank you for protecting me. :-) I know that I am secure with you around!

    Oz, why you are attacking Mr. Smart :-) Ass Yankee Kanka? He is right! I love to workout! Sometimes my personal trainer here is too hard on me,.., but I trust him since he knows the best. I think that Mr. Smart :-) Ass Yankee Kanka is professional as well as my trainer and he knows the best! :-) So, Mr. Smart :-) Ass Yankee Kanka, go ahead and thank you for your comment!

    Hey, by the way,.., are you going to cheer tomorrow for Croatia when we will play against Japan?

    Greetings from hot Zagreb, your Zagreb Kankie

  18. My dearest hot green-eyed Zagreb Kankie, of course I'll be cheering for Croatia tomorrow...oh, make that later today.

    I will also be wearing my yellow three star kit top that has the word Brasil written on it. Good luck for the second place spot. Hope you have more joy out of the Croatia match than I did by the end of the USA v. Italy one. At least we played much better and have a chance. Now I have to root for Italy to play for the win and win.

  19. I'm not sure who I'm supporting tomorrow. Of course if Croatia were in another group I'd be supporting them, but as the calculations get harder for my brain to figure out I think that I'd like a 0-0 draw.

    As for Smart Arse Yankee Kanka, I regret having written my USA-Italy report now.

  20. Oz, I thnk your report for the USA v. Italy match was quite good. I was surprised to see it posted so quick.

    To help your brain cells that are no doubt struggling against the elements that are constantly bombarding them, a draw in the Croatia v. Japan match sees the winner of the Aussie v. Brasil match qualify for the next round.

    OR, were you not sure whether to root for Brasil or Australia? ;-0

  21. Smart Arse Yankee Kanka wrote "OR, were you not sure whether to root for Brasil or Australia?"

    The world now knows how Dave got his Kanka name.

  22. Anonymous2:16 pm

    My dear Smart Ass Kanka, (I like your name! :-)) In Croatian: Prijatelj Pametoguzac :-):-)

    You became my second favorite guy on this blog because you will support Croatia. :-) First is, of course my dear Eski Kanka! :-) :-)

    You two are so hilarious! You are amazing!!!! :-) :-) I really enjoy reading your comments. :-) It is the first thing that I am doing every day in the morning and in the evening before I am going to bed (except yesterday since I came in 3am from night swimming and wellness centar).

    I feel today like a new born person! God bless Wellness centars!!! :-) :-)

    Greetings from hot Zagreb
    Your Zagreb Kankie

  23. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Do you have Wellness centars and night swimming with show programs and performances in Ankara? And is it open for Turkish girls or just for men there?

    Green eyed Zagreb Kankie

  24. 0-0. Just what I wanted.

    As for Wellness centres I don't have a clue, but it would be a pretty good bet if I'm stumbling home at 3 am somehow I doubt Mrs Oz Kanka would believe I had been at the gym.

  25. Anonymous7:14 pm


    What to say on the game than we were awful! We didn't manage to beat those little guys. Horrible!

    Good thing thought is that I am so relaxed today, that nothing is bothering me. I think if grenade now drops on Zagreb, again, I will not care! :-) Maybe tomorrow will get to my brain what actually happened!

    Well, I am sure that your wife will not aloud you to go in Wellness center by yourself!!!!!! But, you and your wife definitely need to experience that together (not separated). I assure you that you will be like a new born! Both of you! So relaxed that nothing will bother you. Massages, saunas (all different types, rooms with aromatherapy, swimming pools, room for special relaxation, saunas with salt, saunas with mod, saunas with this and that, with professionals that have presentation for relaxation..,hot stones, jacuzzis, hot tubs, etc. You both will feel like king and queen!

    Greetings from Zagreb Kankie

  26. No late night wellness centers in Ankara that I am aware of. But you make a great pitch for visiting Croatia. Do they have them all over the country?

    The center I go to workout - mainly swimming at the moment - is open form 6:00AM to midnight during the week and 9:00AM to midnight Sat and Sun. I'm with Oz on this one. Hard to claim being at the gym to the missus when stumbling and bumbling home at 2 of 3 AM. It would help if someone invented a beer that gives one sports drink breath.

    Bummer about your result but it makes Thursday most interesting. A must win for Croatia and a must at least draw for the Aussies. Should make for an enjoyable match.

    Must say, Crotia needs to play better than they did and Australia needs to do a better job at getting the ball in the back of the net. Australia did look good today. I agree about Croatia looking like abunch of small men. Japan brought them down to their size.

    Well, all to play for.