Thursday, June 29, 2006

Smoky pubs win it

After a few gloomy days I've finally plucked up the motivation to post again.

And so we have another results post from our (elastic) weekly poll and it is a fairly even spread this week for the queation of:

Where would you most prefer to watch a football match?

In a smoky pub unable to decipher the commentary: 5 votes
At home with a fridge full of beer nearby: 3 votes
In a hot tub: 3 votes

Once again not exactly a huge response but I don't care. I voted for the first option but actually haven't been in many smoky pubs this World Cup since the Red Lion Club went smoke-free just before the start of the tournament.

I did like a comment from Sarah (who has a blog of her own called - The Voice of today's apathetic youth) who said:

"I voted for at home with the fridge full of beer because I don't like smoke and if you were to jump out of a hot tub and run around when someone scores a goal you're liable to slip on something and fracture your skull."

I take it that was a warning for Zagreb Kanka.

On to this week's question:

Which was the best team that was sent packing in the knockout round?


  1. No prizes for guessing which team I voted for !!!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  2. Anonymous8:02 pm

    Hello Turkey from hot Zagreb and don't worry my dear Oz, I will be carefull.

    Greetings from Zagreb Kankie :-)


    Mark Shields, a referee from Australia, is one of the 14 retained by FIFA. Could we see an Aussie in the Final???

    Based on performances, I am really surprised to see Markus Merk in the list as well.

    Why the $%^&@ did you leave off the US of A? After all, they were ranked 5th coming into the tourney. Okay, so they played like they were 50th, but...

  4. Hey Smart Arse, when are you going to wake up from your dream ???!!

    Just concentrate on whether Red Sox can beat Yankees in the race for the `world` series and leave footie to us Europeans and ...oh yes.... Aussies !!!

    However, we give permission for you to watch tonight and tomorrow in the RLC !

    All the best from knowledgeable and forthright Eski Kanka Jim

  5. Team USA were left off the list because it was a list for those who had actually made it past the first round.

  6. Oh yes, and thank you Norway for making sure that SCOTLAND didn't even make the first round !!!

    However, ..... tomorrow is just another day as my Grandfather used to say......... and .... he was only wrong once !!!

    So, maybe the Lion will be rampant again soon ??!!

    All the best from Patriotic Eski Kanka Jim

  7. Anonymous4:23 am

    Maybe you should do a Mini Poll on the worst team to still be included in the world cup. I'd vote for the Referees.

    Finlandia Kanka