Sunday, June 18, 2006

Not quite the upset of the tournament

Not sure what I can say really. Basically I'm devastated. We were up against the best team in the world and we fought like hell but, in the end, didn't even get a goal.

My point is, just like Croatia, but unlike Turkey in the last world Cup, we were up for it. Not just the team, but also the fans. Could you hear the Brazillians singing tonight?

I don't want to make a match report because I'm too depressed. If you do want to check one out click here, or here, or here.

Tonight's performance was tough. It was an Aussie style performance. Who gives a sh*t what the reputation of the opposition is. But still it was a loss and we have to look at the calculations of how to get into the next round.

The group stands as:

Brazil: 6 points (and guaranteed top spot in the group)
Australia: 3 points
Japan: 1 point
Croatia: 1 point

For Australia to get through all we need to do is beat Croatia in the next match. Looking at their very dire performance against Japan in their 0-0 draw, my hopes are still high.

At the same time, however, I so damn wish we had blasted Brazil away. Clearly their players have better skills than our lot but at the same time they are a bunch of cheating, big-headed, nancy boys.

Our lot, on the other hand, had graft, determination and unfortunately, no luck.

I'm not sure when the next match, Australia-Croatia, is on, but by God it is set up to be a truely great match (and that doesn't even take into account Zagreb Kanka's amazing and truely loved contributions to this blog).

I'm prepared to say that I love Zagreb Kanka, in a purely plutonic sense of course, but I truely hope that we stuff Croatia, whatever night we are playing.

Bring 'em on.


  1. Geez, don't even know when ya'll play next? How many brains cells didn't survive tonight? Here's some help:

    Thursday night at 21:00 CET.

    That's after the US puts a can of whoop ass on Ghana (how's that for a bit of Yank?) and hopefully an Italian win too. We can all dream until Thursday until reality sets in. At least one of us on the blog will be happy.

  2. Anonymous9:41 pm

    My dear Oz, :-) I love you too! A lot! :-) And you played excellent yesterday! Really good! So don't be depresseed! Brazilians are the best and even when they play badly they are still the best and there is no chance to beat them.

    Where is our dear Eski Kanka? I hope he didn’t forget that in a few days is my birthday and he promised me photo in a kilt. :-)

    My dear Smart :-) Ass Kanka (I REALLY LIKE YOUR NAME!!!! IT IS HILARIOUS! Prijatelj Pametoguzac he he he he :-) ), yes we have wellness centers around Croatia and they are at the moment the most popular places. I love to go during the night since only young people are there and it is different atmosphere, more romantic. You have light show while you are swimming. The performances and big screens with channels and it is huge.You can eat, drink, swim, go in different types of saunas, massages,.., rooms for relaxation, you have big complex of everything. Aromatherapy,.. etc.

    Today magic stopped. :-( But, :-) hopefully I will go in wellness Thursday as well since it will be non working day again and I can watch the game sitting in hot tub. :-) You there will be in my thoughts!!!!

    I know :-) that you think that everything in Europe is small and tiny :-) and all huge things are only in the States, but some things are big here as well. :-)

    I have been through 12 States in your country but I didn’t see it there. I think you are calling that spa’s there. :-)

    Greetings from your green eyed Zagreb Kankie

  3. Anonymous9:43 pm

    By the way, what State are you from?

    And if you didn't visit wellness center, I will suggest you that you do that ASAP! :-)

    You will feel as a new born person, trust me!

  4. Zagreb Kanka said: "hopefully I will go in wellness Thursday as well since it will be non working day again and I can watch the game sitting in hot tub"

    Mmmmmmmm. I think I'll have to check out these Wellness centres.

  5. Anonymous12:26 am

    Oz, you really need to try it! You will feel like in heaven!

    I became addicted on it like on your blog! :-) When you tried once, you wants all the time!

    I am going to sleep. Good night! ;-) See ya- tomorrow ;-)