Monday, June 26, 2006

Jump on the bandwagon before the wheels fall off

A few hours until kick-off but unlike the other day when I was a wreck of nerves, I feel strangely calm today. Perhaps that is because the chances of Australia beating Italy are extremely low.

I will of course be screaming my head off during the match and the team have said they will go for it but deep down the chances of us pulling off a victory are not high.

But if we do pull off a victory, my God, it will be huge.

Quite a few people have joined the Australia bandwagon in the last few days. Of regular people to comment on this blog we now have Sir Eski Kanka, Zagreb Kanka and Gulay all supporting the Aussies. You are more than welcome by the way, the bandwagon is big.

The papers today are all talking about how Italy merely need to show up to win it but that all neutrals are supporting the Aussies. All neutrals except for The Guardian it seems.

Gary Younge has been giving a very tongue in cheek "ethical guide" as to whom to support in various matches. I give you today's:

Australia vs Italy

"A few months ago this would have been tricky. Both nations are similarly healthy and wealthy (unless you're an Aborigine, in which case you'll live as long as the average Bangladeshi). Both have immigrant-bashing tendencies, redneck premiers who encouraged them, and troops in Iraq.

But while Australia keeps going, bullish in its belligerence, Italy has made significant changes to its squad. Following the centre-left's election victory in May, all troops will be withdrawn from Iraq by the end of 2007. Prodi's predecessor, Berlusconi, took the national football chant "Forza Italia" ("Go Italy") and named his rightwing party after it. Maybe now it can be returned to the terraces. Verdict: Go Italy!"

Bugger them!

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