Saturday, June 24, 2006


Greetings Kankas. Let's pause before the BIG MATCH on Monday and get back to basics.

Away from the subject of International and World Cup Footie and back to upcoming League Footie.

For those of you who are unaware of the Turkish League Scene here in Ankara, we have a `curtain raiser` every season. There is a 2 day competition called The Sportswriters Cup which is contested by ANKARAGUCU and Gencler, and 2 other teams at the invitation of the Sportswriters.

I have information about this season's competition for your diaries which is as follows -

Friday 28 July - KO 6pm - Genclerbirligi V Sekerspor
Friday 28 July - KO 8.30pm - ANKARAGUCU V Ankaraspor

Saturday 29 July - KO 6pm - 3rd Place Play-off
Saturday 29 July - KO 8.30pm - Final

No sour grapes from me (perish the thought !!!) but....... I wonder why Ankara's FIRST TEAM did not get drawn against Sekerspor ???? Interesting thought isn't it ???

More details of meeting place, etc nearer the time. Bring it on............ but first.. let's kick the `Eetallianz` out of the World Cup yessssssssssss.

All the best from upbeat Eski Kanka Jim

PS...... Oz Kanka, has my Knighthood been published in The London Gazette yet, and if so, can I now use my well earned title ????!!!!


  1. Anonymous9:52 pm

    Hey :-) my dear Eski, I missed you!!! How was your trip?
    How are you?

    Waiting on your pictures :-)

    Hugs and kisses from Zagreb Kankie

    P.S. It is so hot in Zagreb!!

  2. Greetings Kankas, especially Zagreb Kankie !

    The trip was fantastic - can't think of a better word ! A truly Scottish wedding with National dress, Scottish music, Scottish dancing, Scottish food, and..... oh yes.... Scottish liquid refreshments !!!

    Oz Kanka now has the photos which my daughter took and they should be on the blog tomorrow. The photos taken by the `Professional Photographer` will be coming soon and I'll try and get them on the Blog too.

    Can't wait to hear the comments about my `sexy` knees !!! Hopefully complimentary, however, I have my doubts about that !!!

    On footie....well done Ingallind on their hard fought victoreeee tonight against Eki.

    More later. All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  3. Off the subject, but, I'm still catching up on blogs during the past 2 weeks.

    Reading the Blog about `Australia Top Group F` I was very impressed to read about all the `physical activity` of our bloggers !!

    So, not to be left out, and until Miss Zagreb comes to Ankara to show us the way forward, I thought you would like to know that even Eski Kanka works-out.

    I will will be going to Dikmen Vadi (a local park) tomorrow morning for a run and a fast-walk up the slopes.

    Exercise makes the heart grow stronger and.....supporting ANKARAGUCU make the heart grow more warmer !!!

    All the best from `still young` Eski Kanka Jim

  4. Anonymous11:37 pm

    That is great that you work-out as well. That is great for your body and you feel much better and you are in shape. I would recommend to everyone to do that at least 2 times a week if they can not more because of the work schedule.

    I will post a comment tomorrow, of course and don't be scared,... I am sure that you looked great in that kilt!

    See ya- tomorrow! ;-)

    Have a great evening!

    Greetings from your Zagreb Kankie

  5. Anonymous11:45 pm

    I have no idea how's traditional Scottish wedding looks like and I look forward to see those photos! Really!

    Is Ankaragucu football club better than Genclerbirligi's? I am sorry that I don't know much about the club that you are supporting. I only heard about Genclerbirligi. Of course I know about Fenerbahče and Galatasaray, but not much about Ankaragucu.

    And Eski,.., we all missed you! :-)

    Zagreb Kankie

  6. Dear Miss Zagreb Kankie, I am disappointed that Hasan Bey didn't tell you about Ankara's most famous footie club !!!

    Of course, we all love the `new kids on the block` Gencler, but.. we must always remember that ANKARAGUCU is Ankara's first and most famous team.

    If you look on the `best of` sites of the blog you can learn something about ANKARAGUCU, but let me just give you brief details.

    ANKARAGUCU was born in 1910 and Genclerbirligi was born in 1923 and therefore we can claim to be the oldest club. However, which team is the best and most famous is a matter for discussion and debate !!

    I will give you a more detailed history later, but suffice to say that all the Ankara Kankas support both teams. OK, so we may have favourites, but we are united in our love of ANKARA.

    It is good to be back in Ankara and I am looking forward to the footie season starting again. In the meantime, let's support Oz Kanka's team and enjoy World Cup Footie.

    Hope you like the photos which will be apprearing soon.

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  7. Anonymous12:32 am

    Of course we will support Oz's team! :-) There is 8 Croats in his team and all of Croatia will support Australia, of course. :-)

    Hasan did never mention me any other club except Genclerbirligi. :-)
    He didn't had "time" for explaining me something like that. But at least I heard of Genclerbirligi.

    If you asked any Croatian here about what Genclerbirligi means,.., they would have no idea. They only know about Galatasaray and Fenerbahče. That is it. Some of them knows that Josip Skoko was in some Turkish club but they have no idea what the name of that club is. And if you ask any Croatian girl here, she would be very confused and look at you in a way, what the heck are you talking about? :-) LOL LOL LOL

    So I am advance girl, I guess. :-) Knowing at least about Genclerbirligi (UHH THAT WORD IS SO HARD TO PRONOUNCE!). LOL LOL
    If it wasn't for Hasan, I would never heard about Genclerbirligi too.

    When Hasan will open tomorrow this site, I think he will laugh, again! LOL :-) I have no idea why he is not putting any comment here?? :-S

    Kisses from Zagreb Kankie