Saturday, June 17, 2006

More woeful performances

It was off to The Netherlands Embassy last night for more beers and conversation and a woeful performance by the Dutchies.

Somehow this World Cup has seen some great goals but some pretty average performances by the top teams who still seem to win (except Argentina and Spain obviously).

Last night I think Elephant Tooth Seaside were a bit unlucky. They should have been given a penalty at one stage and probably would have got it if the player hadn't then dived.

I'd add Holland to the poll on the right of the page but I'm not sure if it is possible.

Anyway, a week into the World Cup and I've manged to watch matches at three different embassies, two friend's houses and one or two at home... no wonder I can't remember Little Oz Kanka's name.

The big one is on tomorrow. Brazil v Australia and all the Kankas are expected to be at the Red Lion Club (club is opening at 6 pm by the way). The club is normally closed on a Sunday but the English are clearly looking forward to the upset of the tournament.

If only.

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  1. "We've got a heavyweight attack," observed Brazil coach Carlos Alberto Parreira, without so much as cracking a smile.

    A few more brats and beer from Ronaldo (or should we call him Roundo?) and they'll move up a weight class.

    Vai Brasil! We need your fans in the stands.