Saturday, June 10, 2006

Zagreb Kanka ups the ante

Our dear Zagreb Kanka has decided that it should not just be Sir Eski Kanka and Oz Kanka who should get their ugly mugs onto the blog with Genclerbiligi general manager Hasan Cetinkaya. And so, as a service to the world.... we present Zagreb Kanka and Hasan.

No football news today, well not much... I watched the England-Paraguay match at a packed British Embassy and had the piss taken out of me completely.

At some stage Gerrard took a free kick which went straight into the wall and John Motson, the commentator, said something like "if anything Gerrard took that too well". I stupidly responded with something like "I guess if he had buggered it up we might have scored".

That was it. I accidently said "we" and the Poms gave me crap for the rest of the match.

While I thought "we" played well, Beckham had his first good game for years, I think England have some serious problems at the back. I didn't see the Sweden T&T match but did manage to watch Argentina-Costa Rica and quite frankly looking at all the matches so far I'd put money on Equador to win the cup.


  1. Anonymous12:28 pm

    My dear Kankas as you can see, Hasan and I know each other. And he looks amazing as always!

    I think that Hasan will smile when he will open this blog!

    Greetings from blondie with green eyes Zagreb Kankie (now you know how I look like)

  2. Anonymous3:37 pm

    Pom (formerly known as Oz), you traitor! Even without that faux pas the comment was still funny.

    By the way, is the Oz Embassy doing anything for the world cup?

  3. Well you could probably watch Oztrailer England played with odd shaped balls....

  4. Just did watch Australia beating up England in the rugby. Let's hope it is a just a taste of things to come.

    As for Joe, ???? And the Aussie embassy is doing nothing for the World Cup.

  5. Of course Oz Kanka is funny and we all make allowances for his many "Foxes Paws" !!!

    Nice photo of Zagreb Kankie....oh yes and Hasan Bey !!!

    Ecky for the Cup ? Naw... dream on Oz Kanka. They always flatter to deceive.

    CROATIA will win it for sure !!!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  6. Anonymous5:05 pm

    My dear Eski, yes that is for sure that Croatia will win. :-)
    I really hardly wait to see that game against Australia. :-)
    Uhh, I hardly wait! :-)

    Thank you for your comment my dear Eski! :-) Your blog is more and more interesting! :-) Many of my friends visited your site today. :-)

    Hugs from blondie Zagreb Kankie :-)

  7. Anyway, what is Rugby ?? Is it another of those alternative and weird sports like cricket ???

    So, let's apply logic.... does Croatia play Rugby ? No !!!

    Does Croatia play Cricket ? No !!

    So, therefore they must be dumb uninteresting alternative sports !! Right ? QED !

    All the best from Sensible and Intelligent and Logical Eski Kanka Jim

  8. Argentina - Costa Rica? How much did you have to drink at the match Oz? CR lost in the first match we witnessed in this WC Final. The match I watched yesterday was Argentina v. Cote 'd Ivoire. Unfortunately, the Africans were good up to the time they had to actually put a shot an target. I don't the the baby blue and whites scared too many people.

    As for me...bring on the Czechs!

  9. Anonymous1:07 am

    My dear Eski Kanka, I agree with you 100% :-)

    Greetings from Zagreb :-)

  10. Ahhhh yes, Argentina played Elephant Tooth Seaside and not Costa Rica (well spotted Smart Arse Yankke Kanka). I blame the efes for my mistake as I don't think I've actually been sober since about an hour before kick-off on Friday afternoon.

    By the way just thought you would all like to learn one more rugby result from the weekend: South Africa 36, Scotland 16.

  11. Anonymous9:39 am

    Oz, even people in Australia will cheer for Croatia! :-) :-)

    Greetings from Zagreb

  12. insoy@gmail/By the way, what is Hasan Cetinkaya doing now? The last time I knew, he was fired by the fascist dictator -and now he's a murderer, too!- called Haci Cavcav.

    You know, he fired Metin Diyadin, too. Unbelievable! I seriously consider giving up the team now. Why bother and get unnecessarily nervous in my remaining life?

    I need some more coffee.